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Originally posted on Cafe Habana & Habana Outpost:
This Saturday, at Habana Outpost kids corner, we will be making magic wands. Come out so the children can create their own magic wands and decide what character they would like to be. We will unleash our inner fairies, fairy godmothers, wizards and witches. Kids corner is from 12pm-4pm. We…

Originally posted on onelifethislife:
Close your eyes really tight. Let all your cares fall to the side. Take a deep breath. But before you do, Make a wish you want to come true. Now blow nice and slow, And watch florets flutter away.                      -Onelifethislife   

Originally posted on Mike Cane’s xBlog:
Photos taken today, Saturday August 18, 2012. Resampled and resized to VGA. J&R was closed at the time, so the security gate is in the pictures. I’m sure the books will just be thrown away afterwards — much in the same way HP threw away webOS on this…